PSIRA NR 282596 FAR NR 19763 Welcome to Guardian Security! We specialise in wired and wireless, inside & outside burglar detection systems, camera systems, off-site monitoring, armed response and guarding . We have in excess of 24 years experience in securing You & Yours, enabling us to use previous experience and statistics to do our job properly. We combine various technologies to ensure our clients are secured at all times, setting us apart from the rest. We properly secure private homes, businesses, residential complexes & estates and commercial complexes & estates.                            We understand that each of our                  client’s security needs differ, and                                              strongly believe that a quick one-                                             size-fits-all security installation is not                                             the answer. Strictly maintaining this point of view, we have gained the trust of many of our clients who realise that quality in system design is rare, and consistent dedication to their security concerns is key in achieving a safe and secure environment. All our systems are installed to strict by-law 25 regulations, and system events and health status are monitored on a 24 hour basis. Our controlroom is not dependant on Eskom power, and complies with strict construction and safety regulations enabling us to keep receiving your signal even in the event of load- shedding, sabotage and even a physical attack.                            All our security guards are graded and P.S.I.R.A. registered. Because each of our client’s security needs differ, all of our guards receive general training, and in addition receive site-specific training once stationed at a specific site. All our guarded clients are patrolled by one of our armed response units at least once during a shift. This ensures our guards are not under duress, and that our client’s premises are properly secured. All patrolling guards are monitored via a live guard tracking system, enabling us to ensure that our guards are patrolling at the specified times. Do you have your own guards? Our company manages 3rd party guards.Why don’t you consider letting us manage your guards, ensuring the job gets done, so you can focus on your business. 011 680 7267 USER MANUALS Watching You & Yours. 24/7. Guardian Pro-Active Security Copyright © All rights reserved.                     Our dedicated armed response team is a simple push of a button away, 24/7.                                                    When our vehicles are not patrolling, they stand at strategic points, able to respond to any of our clients in just a few minutes. Our armed response team undergoes regular and continuous training to ensure they are always ready to protect You and Yours. All our vehicles are equiped with live tracking devices to enable us to dispatch the closest vehicle to a possible emergency.                        Cameras have become a very important ingredient in the fight against crime - A camera                         does not sleep, it does not get distracted and it records everything it  sees! Many of our client’s premises are monitored and viewed in our controlroom, enabling us to detect a possible intrusion, and immediately view the premises. This allows us to give our armed response units accurate and vital information BEFORE they arrive on your premises. Also, any of our camera systems can be configured to be viewed from any computer or smart device with an internet connection. CONTACT US GET A QUOTE USER MANUALS CONTACT US GET A QUOTE

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